Holiday shopping can be difficult in any situation, but we’re here to make it easier! After living in our camper for over 5 years, and being asked what we’d like as gifts, we’ve come up with a few of our favorite suggestions. We hope you find this post helpful, and if you prefer to watch instead of read check out our YouTube video here!

Memberships and experiences

Honestly it is very rare that Mike and I buy expensive gifts for one another for holidays or birthdays. More often than not, we buy experiences. These usually come in the form of memberships, gift cards, and outings!

Harvest Hosts

I could devote probably fifteen blog posts to Harvest Hosts, we love it that much. Literally the first night we ever stayed in the camper as full-time RVers was at a Harvest Host. You read that right – we chose to boondock on our very first night! We had such an incredible experience at Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, Montana and have continued to have incredible experiences over the past FIVE years of being members. The program allows you to stay at breweries, farms, distilleries, vineyards, museums, and even golf courses for a one time yearly fee. We added the Boondockers Welcome feature to our membership last year and some of the best stays we’ve had have been through it! Boondockers Welcome allows you to stay at fellow RVers homes – locals have the best recommendations on what to see in an area! 

National and State Park Passes

National Parks are absolutely wonderful to visit, but the cost can add up quickly. An annual pass costs (at the time of this writing) $80/year and oftentimes a single entrance costs $30. There are also discounts for age, military, etc so be sure to check before purchasing. 

Unpopular opinion: we honestly don’t love having the camper at National Parks! Visiting them is incredible, but oftentimes the campgrounds themselves are not equipped or big enough for campers (and ours is only 29′). That being said, we have found that we LOVE staying at state parks with the camper. We spent almost a week at Grayton Beach State Park this fall and we were just blown away by how incredible it was. A state park pass, especially for RVers that tend to stay local or in a specific area, would be a great gift!

big ticket items


Depending on your budget, there are a ton of options for that “special RVer” in your life. Here are 3 higher priced items that we use daily and love!

Waggle Pet Monitoring System

If you travel with a fur baby, you know how important it is to regulate the temperature in your camper. We travel full-time with our rescue dog Khali and we worry any time we have to leave her in the camper. With Waggle, we can constantly monitor the temperature and humidity in the camper, no matter where we are. With a fantastic app for your phone, you can set alerts if the temperature gets too high or too low and adjust it depending on the situation. It is small and battery operated so you can mount it wherever you want in your camper. The app is honestly fantastic and comes with so many extra features like blog posts, built in and customizable checklists, and even live vet chats (with a separate subscription). Having the peace of mind to know we can leave Khali in the camper if we need to and not worry about her safety is game changing! Click this link or use code KHALI to save 50% on yours today!

Dyson vacuum 

I’ll be honest, when Mike told me he wanted a Dyson vacuum for the camper I told him that was silly – our entire house is only around 250 square feet, did we really need a vacuum? But let me tell you was I wrong! Having the Dyson keeps the camper so much cleaner, and it honestly doesn’t take up much space. We have ours mounted in the corner of the bedroom so it stays out of the way and charges when we’re not using it. You can convert it to a handheld as well which is perfect for the small space!

Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter

Having clean water in your home is obviously important. We have gone through a variety of water filters through the years, including small ones that connect to your hose outside of the camper, and a Brita water filter pitcher that we kept on the countertop. Neither of these options were ideal and we searched for a better solution for a long time. Well, in steps Clearsource to the rescue. We now use their Ultra RV Water Filter that has three separate filters that remove viruses, bacteria, rust, and sediment – just to name a few. We installed ours permanently in our passthru and after months of continuous use, are still really impressed with it. We don’t recommend things we don’t use and love ourselves!


happy holidays!

These are just a few of the things we’ve found practical and fun over the years! We have compiled our favorite RV items into our Amazon store – both the practical ones and the “fun” ones :) Check it out hereOur Amazon storefront

What are you planning to get your loved ones for the holidays? Any RV specific gifts? Let us know, and let us know if this list helped you at all! 

*This post contains affiliate links which we may earn a small commission from. This helps us keep up with all of Khali’s treat needs! 

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