Welcome to our affiliate page! We have partnered with a select few brands that we use ourselves and recommend personally. Using the links on this page may earn us a small commission, which allows us to buy Khali more treats :) Thank you!

The very first night we stayed in our camper as full-timers, we stayed at a Harvest Host in Montana. We’ve loved them since that first night in 2018 and sincerely recommend the program! Harvest Hosts allows self-contained RVers to stay overnight at over 2000 wineries, museums, breweries, farms, and other unique places! They also have a golf membership which adds several more locations throughout the US – with some stays even in Canada and Mexico! Click the logo or here for a 15% off discount for this amazing membership $

Having clean water while living full-time in our camper is very important to us. We had tried several different filtration systems throughout the years, but weren’t ever happy with any of them. When we found Clearsource, we knew we had found a good one. We chose a three stage filter that protects against viruses, bacteria, and cysts. After almost a year of continued use, we are happy to say it works great! Click here or on the logo or use code LIFEREROUTED for $25 off a purchase of $250 or more $

After Google Maps nearly took us down a road with an 8 foot clearance, we knew we needed to find a better solution. Thankfully, RV Life has created the RV Trip Wizard, an incredible RV trip planning tool that allows you to research campgrounds, plan your trip according to your RVs exact measurements, and even calculates the trip cost – including fuel based on current pricing and your vehicle’s fuel economy! Click here or the logo or use code LIFEREROUTED for 25% off this incredible service! 

You may have heard of this well known company…. Amazon can be a one stop shop for nearly anything you want or need – including things for the RV life! We have created an Amazon storefront, cataloging most of the items we use to make full-time RV life easier and more enjoyable. Visit our storefront here or click on the logo to see what we use! 

In 2022 we finally decided to upgrade our batteries to lithium. After A LOT of research, we decided to purchase Renogy batteries. We installed them ourselves (you can watch the video here) and have been really pleased with them so far! Click here to check them out – and keep an eye out for sales, that’s how we got ours for only ~$500 each!